Travel Gadget Cover

Add Travel Gadget Insurance to your Voyager Plus Travel Insurance policy and get up to £2,000 cover on 4 gadgets including, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, wearable technology such as smart watches or fitness trackers and much more.

There was a time in the not too distant past where looking for holiday insurance with gadget cover specifically was not a top priority. However, in the ever evolving digital and connected world we now live in, with 94% of adults owning a mobile phone in the UK alone (Statista), it is rapidly becoming one of the most important areas of travel insurance protection as we travel more and more frequently with our tech!

After all, nobody wants to be left out of pocket from a lost, stolen or damaged laptop or smart phone on their holiday – not to mention the dampener it would put on your trip!

What is Covered Under Voyager Plus Gadget Travel Insurance?

Our optional travel Gadget Insurance cover provides protection for a number of gadgets including Laptops, Mobile Phones, Smart Phones, iPhones, iPads, Tablets, e-readers, MP3 Players, CD/DVD Players, Head/Ear Phones, Satellite Navigation Devices, PDAs, handheld games, consoles, cameras, video cameras and wearable technology such as smart watches or fitness trackers but excluding drones.

Adding optional travel Gadget Insurance cover will give cover up to the limits below for a maximum of 4 gadgets. What’s more is that we also provide cover for unauthorised data usage up to £500 (£100 per incident).

Policy Options Benefits Schedule £/€ Level of Cover Level of Cover Level of Cover Level of Cover
Section of Cover Standard Excess Enhanced Excess Prime Excess Supreme Excess

Section 17. Gadget Insurance (maximum per item)

2,000 (750)


2,000 (750)


2,000 (750)


2,000 (750)


The table above is only a summary of cover. The sections of cover are explained in more detail below but please refer to the Voyager Plus Travel Insurance with Gadget Cover policy wording for full cover limits, terms, conditions and exclusions.

Do I need Travel Insurance including Gadget Cover?

As almost everyone travels with at the very least their mobile phone, it is probably a good idea to add Gadget Insurance when purchasing your Travel Insurance. For more expensive gadgets it is extremely important that you include Gadget Insurance on your Travel Insurance policy as if they were to be lost stolen or accidentally damaged you will be left substantially out of pocket.

It is also important to understand that there is also common confusion around Gadget Insurance and Travel Insurance whereby customers think that it is covered as standard whereas this is often not the case on many Travel Insurance products.

Tips for Travelling with Gadgets – Keeping Them Safe

As you’ll know, gadgets are often fragile objects so when travelling with them it is a good idea to take some precautions to prevent them being damaged, lost or stolen.

  1. Lock them up and keep them out of sight – if you’re leaving your gadgets in your accommodation at any time during your trip, where possible, lock them in the safe provided in many hotel rooms. If there is not a safe provided, then a lockable drawer or cupboard is the next best option. If that fails, try your best to keep them out of sight in any way you can or lock them in a suitcase.

  2. Use protective accessories – screen protectors, protective cases and carry bags can provide your gadgets with some from cracked screens, or other common damage. This is probably a good idea even if you are not travelling with your gadgets!

  3. Don’t leave them unattended – If you’re taking your gadget out with you, don’t leave them unattended at any time and don’t leave them on the plane!

There are also some other tips unrelated to damage, loss or theft, that you may find useful:

  1. Don’t forget your chargers – this one is pretty simple, just don’t forget your chargers! Otherwise you will find yourself having to fork out for new ones whilst you’re abroad or upon your return. Make sure to check your room before you leave!

  2. Be careful with data roaming – roaming data charges can often mount up to extortionate costs. So be aware of the charges that you are subject to from you service provider before travelling. Always try to use free or public Wi-Fi hotpots in cafes or anywhere else that it is available. For UK residents, roaming charges should normally be included in your mobile data plan however there is no guarantee that his will be the case post Brexit, 31st December 2020.

  3. Back up your photos and videos – or anything else that is important to you. Losing mobile phones can often be an upsetting experience not only because of the financial implications but because of the sentimental value of the memories held in the photo library. To avoid this heartache, back everything up to an external hard drive or to Cloud storage before you travel!
How do I Get a Travel Gadget Insurance Quote?

It’s quick and easy to get a quote for Travel Insurance with Gadget Insurance option. Simply click the get a quote button and don’t forget to select the Gadget Insurance option on the 'Your Quote' page to add it to your Voyager Plus Travel Insurance policy.


Please Note. Add Travel Gadget Insurance to your Voyager Plus Travel Insurance policy to cover up to 4 gadgets including, mobile phones, smart phones, smart watches, tablets, laptops, games consoles, headphones and much more!