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Vaccine Passports and Travel – Voyager Plus Travel Insurance

01/09/2021 General, Travel

With the news that Vaccine Passports are set to become a permanent fixture for travel for the foreseeable future, what does this mean for those that have booked or are planning a trip overseas over the coming months and what exactly is a “Vaccine Passport”?

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Why you need Travel Insurance for your Staycation

01/09/2021 Travel, General

Many Savvy holidaymakers remember to purchase their travel insurance prior to travelling overseas to help cover a number of uncertainties that come with jetting off abroad; loss of passports, damaged baggage and emergency medical expenses to name a few. However, it seems to be a forgotten part of planning a trip for many when it comes to holidaying in the UK. Some UK residents are opting to spend their summer at home this year because of the worry of travelling abroad and the requirements needed before leaving and upon returning. That's why Voyager Plus Travel Insurance explains why it is important to purchase travel insurance for Staycations too, because the unexpected can happen everywhere!

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