Sports and Hazardous Activity Travel Insurance

If you’re planning on taking part in any sports or activities as part of your holiday it is important to understand whether it is covered on your Travel Insurance policy before you do. This is because if you were to have an accident whilst partaking in a sport or activity that is not covered on policy then your claim for medical expenses could be declined, leaving you out of pocket.

Fortunately, Voyager Plus Travel Insurance provides cover for over 100 sports and activities, such as water skiing, jet skiing, volleyball or kayaking (grades 1-3 rivers/sea), on Short Stay, Long Stay and Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance policies without charging an additional premium.

For the more daring of travellers that like to push the boundaries or try new things when on holiday, you have the option to extend your travel insurance policy to include additional hazardous or extreme sports and activities by adding our “Action” or “Action Plus” Activities cover on the ‘Your Quote’ section when getting a quote.

For more information on what sports and activities are covered as standard on Voyager Plus Travel Insurance policies please see the policy wording.

What is Covered on Action or Action Plus Activities Cover?

In addition to the 100+ activities covered as standard on Voyager Plus Travel Insurance policies, the following activities can also be covered on an amateur basis by adding the “Action” or “Action Plus” option when getting a quote.

Please note – activities marked W/S will also require payment of the appropriate winter sports premium.

* no cover available for scuba diving in Cyprus.

“Action” Optional Level of Sports & Activity Cover:

Bungee jumping (more than 3 jumps), Canoeing (grade 4 and over), Cycling (including event training), Flying (piloting of light aircraft as PPL holder),  Football (amateur competition/tour), Glacier walking (2000-4000m, W/S), Gliding (as pilot with necessary licence), Gymnastics, Kayaking (grade 4 and over), Marathon running (not exceeding Olympic distance), Rafting (grade 4 and over), *Scuba diving (maximum depth 30m), Skateboarding (demonstration or competitive), White water canoeing/rafting (grade 4 and over).

“Action Plus” Optional Level of Sports & Activity Cover:

American football, Bouldering (with crash pad, maximum height 7m), Canyoning, Cat skiing (with a qualified local guide, W/S), Cycling (including competition but not BMX or stunting), Flying (piloting of light aircraft under instruction), Gaelic football, Gliding (as pilot under instruction), Heli skiing (with a qualified local guide, W/S), Horse riding (including jumping but not racing/hunting), Hurling, Ice hockey (W/S), Judo (training only), Karate (training only), Kendo (training only), Kick boxing (training only), Martial arts (training only, excluding mixed martial arts), Motorcycling (on road, provided you hold an appropriate full licence and are wearing a helmet. Max 62 consecutive days in respect of touring trips provided cover is extended appropriately), Off-road Motorcycling (cover for guided off-road trips only. Max 7 consecutive days, provided you hold an appropriate full licence and are wearing a helmet. No cover for racing or competing),  Polo (elephant or horse), Rugby union & league, Sailing (more than 60 miles from a safe haven), *Scuba diving (maximum depth 40m), Triathlon (not exceeding Olympic distance).

Please note – whilst participating in any of the activities listed under “Action” or “Action Plus” as above, there will be no cover for Personal Accident or Personal Liability and the policy Excess for Emergency Medical Expenses will be increased to £/€200 with any Excess waiver no longer applying.

How Do I Get a Quote for Hazardous Sports & Hazardous Activities Travel Insurance?

It is quick and easy to get a quote for hazardous sports & hazardous activities Travel Insurance. Simply click the get a quote button and select the “Action” or “Action Plus” option, depending on what activities you want cover for, on the 'Your Quote' page when getting a quote to add it to your policy.

Please Note. Voyager Plus Travel Insurance includes more than 100 sports and hazardous activities as standard. Short Stay and Annual Multi-Trip policies can be upgraded to include cover for additional sports and hazardous activities by adding Action or Action Plus Cover on the ‘Your Quote’ section when getting a quote. These options are not available on Long Stay policies unless declared to us and confirmed in writing.