Schengen Pets Cover

Rather than leaving your pets at home with family or friends, are you planning on taking your pets on your trip to Europe? Before you go away, it would be wise to check do you have sufficient cover for your upcoming trip, as when travelling abroad with your pet, it is important to find the appropriate travel insurance with pet insurance cover, to make sure that your pet companion is covered too.

This is where our Voyager Europa “Pet Cover” Travel Insurance option can help you protect your purse in case an unfortunate incident happens to your pet when abroad. You can add this to your policy with a few clicks, by selecting ‘Pet Cover’ option when purchasing your Schengen Travel Insurance policy from Voyager Europa.

Why do I need Pet Travel Insurance?

Many Schengen Travel Insurance policies don’t include coverage for your pets when you are travelling around Europe. Why is this a problem? Well, if the worst were to happen and your pet has been injured due to an accident and requires emergency medical treatment while you are abroad. You may find you are not covered and have to pay the veterinary bill yourself, which could cost hundreds of pounds, or more.

So, rather than starting your trip around the Schengen Area with your pet without the appropriate coverage, here at Voyager Europa, you can buy Schengen Travel Insurance with pets cover by simply adding our “Pets Cover” option to your policy.

Once you have purchased your pet travel insurance, you can focus on the important part of your holiday around Europe and that is creating memories with your beloved pet.

What is covered under Voyager Europa Pet Travel Insurance Option?

If you are planning to take your pet with you to visit different countries in Europe and need a travel insurance policy that meets the Schengen Visa requirements? Our Voyager Europa is the appropriate solution for you, as our policy is an approved Schengen Visa Travel Insurance policy, and there is “Pet Cover” available for you to add to your policy.

The table below is only a summary of what our pet travel insurance covers. However, you should always refer to the Voyager Europa policy wording for full pet travel insurance terms, conditions, and exclusions.

Policy Options Benefits Schedule

Tier 1 (£/€)

Tier 2 (£/€)

Excess (applicable to both level of cover)

Section 15.1 Vets fees for emergency treatment limit




Section 15.2 Theft of your animal limit




Tips for Travelling with Pets

If this is your first time travelling abroad with your pets, it will be a good idea to do some research on what the requirements for taking your pets abroad. So, starting from 1 January 2021, all pet owners travelling from the UK need to follow the following requirements:

  • Your pets would need to be microchipped.
  • Ensure your pets have a valid rabies vaccination.
  • Have an Animal Health Certificate (AHC) from your vet practice.
  • Tapeworm treatment – this is only applicable to travellers who are travelling to Finland, Malta, and Norway.

Also, even though you can protect your bank account against unforeseen accidents with our Voyager Europa Pet Travel Insurance for Europe. It is still important to take some precautions on keeping your pets safe when taking your pets to Europe.

  1. Keep your pets on a leash when you are taking them outside – unless you are familiar with the surroundings and know it is safe to have them off the lead.
  2. Don’t leave them unattended – always keep a watchful eye on your pets!
  3. Keep your pets away from other animals e.g. stray or wild animals
Please Note. For your Schengen Travel Insurance to include Pet Cover, you will need to select the Pet Cover option on the ‘Your Quote’ page when getting a quote to add it to your Voyager Europa Travel Insurance policy.