Schengen Winter Sports Cover

Are you going on a winter sports holiday to try out some of the ski slopes in Europe? Voyager Europa Travel Insurance with Winter Sports Cover can provide you with financial protection should the unexpected happen while you are on your winter sport holiday!

Why do I need Schengen Travel Insurance with Winter Sports cover?

Whether you are a beginner or an expert in doing winter sports activities, it can sometimes be dangerous. So, if you unfortunately suffer from injury whilst on a winter sports holiday and need piste rescue, the emergency medical expenses can quickly leave you out of your pocket.

Hence, it would be a good idea to have travel insurance with winter sports cover for your Europe Trip. Here at Voyager Europa, you can easily get travel insurance for Schengen Visa covering winter sports activities in just a few clicks. All you need is to select the 'Winter Sports cover' option when purchasing your travel insurance policy to include cover for winter sports-specific events.

What is covered under Voyager Europa Winter Sports Travel Insurance?

Looking for travel insurance for winter sports to Europe that meets the Schengen Visa requirements? You’ve come to the right place, as our Voyager Europa product can do both! Our Voyager Europa travel insurance is an approved policy for Schengen Visa, and you can add winter sports option to your policy.

Our Travel Insurance with Winter Sports Cover will provide protection for lost, damaged, or stolen ski equipment that you own or have hired, unused, lost, or stolen ski packs and piste closure. What’s more, we can provide cover for these winter sports activities:

  • cross country skiing (Nordic skiing)
  • glacier skiing
  • recreational racing
  • snowmobiling
  • mono skiing
  • off piste skiing or snowboarding (providing local safety guidelines and warnings are observed)
  • on piste skiing or snowboarding
  • snowblading
  • sledging
  • tobogganing
  • big foot skiing
  • Glacier Walking (under 200m)

Policy Options Benefits Schedule

Tier 1 (£/€)

Tier 2 (£/€)

Excess (applicable to both level of cover)

Section 14.1
Ski Equipment

Maximum Per item or set owned or borrowed

Maximum per item, pair or set hired


No Cover







Section 14.2 Ski Pack Limit

No Cover



Section 14.3 Piste Closure (amount per day)

No Cover

300 (30)


Winter Sports Travel Insurance Option Explained

The table above is only a summary of what our winter sports travel insurance covers. The sections of “Winter Sports Cover” are explained in more detail below. However, you should always refer to the policy wording for full winter sports travel insurance terms, conditions, and exclusions.

Ski Pack cover – for the cost of ski pass, ski hire, or ski school fee that you are unable to use or recover due to accidental bodily injury, or sickness that prevents you from skiing, as medically certified or due to the loss or theft of your ski pass.

Ski Equipment – for the cost to hire ski equipment following the loss, theft, or damage of ski equipment including the delayed arrival of ski equipment.

Piste closure – for each day that it is not possible to ski because lifts are closed due to a complete lack of snow, adverse weather conditions, or avalanche danger in your pre-booked trip resort.

Am I Covered for Piste Rescue or Airlift?

Emergency Medical Expenses that are included as standard on Voyager Europa Travel Insurance are extended on the Winter Sports option to include any injuries sustained while taking part in winter sports. This includes any piste rescue is necessary.

Consequently, if the worst were to happen and you needed a helicopter to airlift you from the mountain, it is unlikely to be covered if you do not have Winter Sports cover. Therefore, it is extremely important to add Winter Sports cover to your Voyager Europa Travel Insurance policy as even a short helicopter trip can cost £1,000s!


How do I Get a Quote for Travel Insurance with Winter Sports Cover?

It’s quick and easy to get a quote for travel insurance with winter sports cover. All you have to do is select the Winter Sports Cover option on the ‘Your Quote’ page when getting a quote to add it to your Voyager Europa Travel Insurance policy.

Please Note. Winter Sports Cover can be added as an optional extra on all Voyager Europa policies, with maximum cover for a trip duration of up to 31 days.