Annual European Breakdown Cover

Emergency breakdown assistance for you and your vehicle whilst in Europe

Emergency breakdown assistance for you and your vehicle covering multiple trips in Europe.

Annual European Breakdown Cover

Driving your own vehicle to the continent of Europe allows you more freedom than if you are restrained to the timetable and routes of public transports. However, there is a risk of breakdown whilst abroad which is why it is a good idea to get the protection that Voyager Annual European Breakdown Cover brings.

Providing protection for multiple trips throughout the year you are covered for as many trips as you like up to a maximum duration of 31 days per trip.

Voyager Annual Multi Trip European Breakdown Cover provides various aspects of cover in addition to emergency breakdown assistance to ensure that you are able to continue your trip without a hefty bill weighing you down.

Our Annual European Breakdown Cover goes above and beyond and gives you protection for more than just emergency breakdown assistance and roadside repairs. You are covered before your journey even begins – if your vehicle cannot be used and repaired in time in time or is stolen within 7 days of your trip then you are covered for up to £2,000 for the cost of hiring a car. This replacement vehicle cover also applies whilst you are on your trip.

You are also covered for the cost of getting you home or additional accommodation expenses if you are unable to drive your car in addition to cover to get your vehicle back to the UK should it be irreparable during your trip and much more.

You can check out our full summary of cover below or in the policy wording.

If you are only going on one trip throughout the year, then you may need to get cover for a single trip, check out our Single Trip European Breakdown Cover here. Same great cover, but without the cost of paying for multiple trips.

Policy Summary:

Annual Cover to Europe from £142.50
For multi trips up to 31 days in duration each
Cover for vehicles up to 14 years old
24hr cover with Allianz Global Assistance
Emergency Roadside Assistance
Replacement Vehicle or Accommodation cover

1 Option available including:
Caravan and Trailer Towing Cover...see all

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Annual Multi-Trip European Breakdown Options

Need additional cover - we have you covered!

Caravan and Trailer Towing Cover

Add Optional European caravan breakdown cover to your Policy to extend your European breakdown cover to protect your caravan or trailer while on holiday in Europe.

What is Annual Multi-Trip European Breakdown Cover?

An Annual Multi-trip European Breakdown cover, also known as Annual European Breakdown Cover, is a policy that covers your vehicle if you are planning on visiting Europe multiple times within the year. This means you don’t need to buy a separate policy every time you travel potentially saving you time and money.

If your car or motorbike breaks down while you are on holiday in Europe not only is it inconvenient, but the costs could spiral. With Annual European Breakdown Cover from Voyager Insurance you can rest assured knowing that if you have a problem with your vehicle whilst abroad in Europe you will receive emergency breakdown assistance without the financial burden.

Annual European Breakdown Cover: Summary of Cover

Benefits Schedule

Limit (up to)

Cover before you leave
Breakdown assistance
Replacement vehicle (per day)

£2,000 (£100)

Emergency roadside repairs and getting your vehicle to a garage


Getting you home or helping you continue your journey
replacement vehicle (per day)
additional accommodation max (per person per night/per party per night)

£2,000 (£100)
£450 (£45/£200)

Spare parts delivered for essential repairs


Damage to the vehicle after theft or attempted theft


Getting the insured vehicle back
vehicle storage
returning the vehicle


Collecting the insured vehicle from continental Europe
vehicle collection
vehicle storage


If there is no qualified driver available for the insured vehicle
transporting home
vehicle storage
additional accommodation max (per person per night/per party per night)

£450 (£45/£200)

Customs duty cover
vehicle disposal (duty cost)

Unlimited (£500)

Guarantee of Spanish bail deposits


Legal expenses
judicial hearing in continental Europe
judicial hearing in United Kingdom