Single Trip European Breakdown

Emergency breakdown assistance for you and your vehicle whilst in Europe - Single Trips now available for purchase up to 18 months before your trip!

With Voyager's Single-trip European Breakdown cover you can rest assured knowing that if you have a problem with your vehicle while abroad you will receive emergency breakdown assistance.

Single Trip European Breakdown

If your car or motorbike breaks down while you are on holiday in Europe not only is it inconvenient but the costs could spiral.

The costs of repatriation alone could run into thousands of pounds and while you are waiting for repatriation you may well incur extra costs such as hotels or additional travel costs, so why risk ruining your holiday?

With Voyager European Breakdown Cover you can rest assured knowing that if you have a problem with your vehicle while abroad you will receive emergency breakdown assistance. If your vehicle cannot be repaired by the side of the road within 60 minutes then we will organise to have it towed to a local garage for repairs (please note that this type of policy does not cover the actual cost of repairs).

You are also covered before your journey begins. If your vehicle cannot be used and repaired in time as a result of an accident or breakdown, or is stolen within 7 days of departure, you can claim up to £1,000 for hiring a car.

While you're away, if there is an injury or some other occurrence that means there is no-one who can drive the insured vehicle, we will provide a qualified driver to get you back home to the UK

If you have several trips in mind then Voyager's Annual Multi-trip policy might be more suitable for you.

Policy Summary:

  • 1-week cover to Europe from £18.99
  • For trips up to 90 days in duration
  • Cover for vehicles aged 15 years or under since first registration
  • Cover for Caravans and Trailers now provided as standard
  • 24-hour, 365-day a year service through network of recovery operators throughout the UK and Europe provided by Call Assist.
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • Replacement vehicle or accommodation cover
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Single Trip European Breakdown Cover: Summary of Cover

Benefits Schedule

Limit (up to)

1. Cover before you leave
Breakdown assistance
Replacement vehicle (per day)

Unlimited (as UK cover)
£1,000 (£70)

2. Emergency roadside assistance
roadside repairs

60 minutes

3. Getting you home or helping you continue your journey
alternative transport abroad (per day)
emergency overnight accommodation abroad (per day)

£1,000 (£70)
£400 (£45 per person, £125 per party)

4. Spare parts delivered for essential repairs


5. Damage to the vehicle after theft or attempted theft


6. Getting the insured vehicle back
vehicle storage
returning the insured vehicle
contribution to UK car hire while own vehicle is being returned

Unlimited whilst awaiting return

7. Collecting the insured vehicle from continental Europe
vehicle collection
vehicle storage

Unlimited whilst awaiting collection

8. If there is no qualified driver available for the insured vehicle
transporting home
vehicle storage
additional accommodation (per day)

Unlimited whilst awaiting return
In accordance with benefit

9. Key Cover


10. Messaging service