Travel Health Insurance – Schengen VISA

Travel Health Insurance – Schengen VISA

Will you be visiting the Eiffel Tower in Paris one day, then the Leaning Tower of Piza in Rome the next day, and possibly other European destinations as well? If you are a traveller from outside of the European Union (EU), you are likely to require a Schengen Visa. However, to complete you Schengen Visa Application, you will need to find a travel insurance policy that meets the Schengen requirements.

What are the Schengen Travel Insurance Requirements?

You may be looking for the cheapest travel insurance for your Schengen Visa application. However, there are specific criteria that Schengen Travel Insurance for Schengen Visa must meet:

  • Minimum coverage of at least €30,000 (approximately $33,000 or £26,000) for Emergency Medical Expenses.
  • It should cover all member states of the Schengen Area.
  • Cover any expenses which might arise in connection with repatriation for medical reasons, urgent health attention, and/or emergency hospital treatment or death.
Why choose Voyager Europa Schengen Visa Travel Health Insurance?

Voyager Europa Travel Insurance has been designed to cover trips (up to a maximum duration of 90 days) to countries within the Schengen Area at an affordable price. Each of our Voyager Europa Schengen Travel Health Insurance policy comes with a special Visa letter to accompany your Insurance Certificate and policy documents to help support your Schengen Visa Application.

Get a quote in less than 60 seconds and Buy Travel Insurance for Schengen Visa from Voyager Europa online today to be protected instantly.

Policy Summary:

Schengen VISA Approved  red tick
Emergency Medical Expenses - up to £/€5 million 
Repatriation to Country of Residence  red tick
Assistance in Case of Death  red tick
24/7 Emergency Helpline  red tick
Cancellation Cover - up to £/€3,000
Baggage Cover - up to £/€1,000

2 Options available including:
Schengen Winter Sports Cover, Pets Cover...see all

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Schengen VISA Travel Health Insurance Options

This Travel Insurance product offers a range of different options.

Schengen Winter Sports Cover

Schengen Travel Insurance with Winter Sports Cover will provide protection for lost, damaged or stolen ski equipment, unused, lost or stolen ski packs and piste closure as well as extended cover for Emergency Medical Expenses for costs associated with winter sports activities.

Pets Cover

Schengen Travel Insurance with Pets Cover will provide protection for lost or stolen pets, and cover for expenses incurred for emergency medical treatment if your pets sustained an injury from an accident.

Voyager Europa Schengen Travel Insurance UK – Summary of Cover

Our Voyager Europa travel insurance has 2 levels of cover to choose from, so we've created a short summary of our policy in the table below to help you make the right Schengen travel insurance choice for your upcoming trip.

When choosing, make sure you choose enough cover for the cost of your trip and how much baggage you are taking.

Benefits Schedule Tier 1 (£/€) Tier 2 (£/€) Excess (applicable for both levels of cover)
Schengen VISA Approved red tick red tick  
Cancellation or Curtailment 1,500 3,000 85
Emergency Medical Expenses 1 million 5 million 85
Baggage 350 1,000 85
Personal Liability 1 million 2 million 100

Click here to see the full Voyager Europa Travel Health Insurance Schengen visa Policy Wording for the full benefits schedule.


How do I Apply for Travel Health Insurance for Schengen Visa?

It’s quick and easy to get a quote for Voyager Europa Travel Health Insurance Schengen Visa: just click the ‘Buy Online’ buttons to get a fast quote and buy Schengen Visa Travel Health Insurance online, or if you prefer to speak with someone then you can call our team direct on 01483 806 681.



What is Travel Insurance and What Does it Cover?

While going abroad should be a fun and enjoyable experience, sometimes the unexpected can unfortunately happen. Voyager Europa Travel Insurance is designed to give you financial peace of mind that you are covered should something unexpected happen, so you are not left out of pocket, in the event of a valid claim.

Travel Insurance Benefits

The following summary of Travel Insurance benefits are just some of the areas of cover on our Voyager Europa Travel Insurance policy. Please read the policy wording here for the full cover available under the policy.


   Travel Insurance Cancellation Cover Icon
Cancellation or Curtailment

A Cancellation is where you are unable to start your trip, due to an insured reason. A Curtailment is where you have to end your trip earlier than expected, due to an insured reason.

This section provides cover for any unused and non-refundable travel and accommodation costs (including unused pre-booked excursions and course fees) that have been paid, or where there is a contract to pay, if it is necessary to cancel or curtail the planned trip because of any of the events specified in the policy wording.

   Travel Insurance Emergency Medical Expenses Icon
Emergency Medical Expenses

Medical treatment in other countries can be very expensive. This section covers the cost of emergency medical treatment, outside your home country if you’re injured or suffer unexpected illness including with symptoms of or testing positive for COVID-19 during your trip, in line with the policy terms, conditions and exclusions. Cover also includes the cost of repatriation back to your home country if medically necessary.

Please Note: If you have pre-existing medical conditions and would like cover in case you need emergency medical treatment related to them, you will need to complete a medical screening to see if cover is available and pay the appropriate additional premium.


   Travel Insurance Baggage Cover Icon

Covers the loss, theft or damage to your baggage, meaning: personal belongings, including clothing worn, and personal luggage owned or borrowed by you that you take with you on your trip, as well as your valuables as defined in the policy wording.

Please Note: Your gadgets may not fall under the Baggage definition in the policy wording and you may need to also purchase the gadget cover Option to cover them.

   Travel Insurance Personal Accident Cover Icon
Personal Accident

In the event of a serious accident from which you suffer life changing injuries during your trip the policy will provide cover in the event of your death or permanent disablement because of the accident. Please refer to the policy wording for full details on this area of cover.

Please Note: Any immediate injuries you suffer from such an incident would be dealt with under the Emergency Medical Expenses section.


   Travel Insurance Travel Delay Cover Icon
Travel Delay

No one likes to be delayed when travelling!

So with Voyager Europa Travel Insurance cover is available if the public transport (meaning any aeroplane, ship, train or coach) that you are booked to travel on is delayed by at least 12 hours. If your departure from your home country is delayed for more than 12 hours and you choose to abandon your trip, instead of a payment for delay, you are covered for the cost of the trip under the Cancellation or Curtailment section of cover.

Please note: If you need this cover it is only available on Tier 2 Voyager Europa Policy.

   Travel Insurance Missed Departure Cover Icon
Missed Departure / Journey Disruption

Cover for additional travel and accommodation expenses in the event you miss the departure of your public transport for your trip, due to a specified reason as defined in the policy wording.

This section also covers, in the event of a Catastrophe (as defined in the policy wording), if you are forced to move from your pre-booked accommodation to allow you to continue your trip.

These are a few of the reasons why getting travel insurance is a good idea before you travel so that you are not left out of pocket should the unexpected happen. Furthermore, Voyager Europa Travel Insurance has a wide range of features and benefits, which are just not available on cheaper products, see the policy wording for full details.

Please note: If you need this cover it is only available on Tier 2 Voyager Europa Policy.



Important Information for Customers with Serious Medical Conditions - For UK Residents Only

MoneyHelper has developed a directory of specialist travel insurance to ensure customers with pre-existing medical conditions are easily able to obtain access to affordable travel insurance. If we are unable to help you and you are struggling to find medical cover that suits your needs, due to a serious medical condition, you may find a company that can help you through the MoneyHelper travel insurance directory or by calling 0800 138 7777 - Monday to Friday, 8am – 6pm.