High Risk Voyager Travel Insurance for High Risk Destinations

Travel Insurance for high risk destinations and for travel to countries where the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) or UK government advise against ‘all’ or ‘all but essential’ travel.

High Risk Voyager is a specialist online Travel Insurance product providing emergency medical and evacuation cover in the event of unexpected illness or accidental bodily injury, for individuals and groups travelling to high risk territorial zones countries and areas, including where the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) have advised against all or ‘all but essential’ travel to. Such as war zones, crisis zones and disaster relief zones, including countries such as Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and Sudan. As well as areas or countries with travel bans in effect due to a pandemic such as the Coronavirus / COVID-19 outbreak.

Emergency Medical Evacuation Travel Insurance - What is Covered?

  • Emergency Medical Expenses - Up to £1,000,000
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation / Repatriation - Up to £1,000,000
  • Political & Natural Disaster - Up to £5,000
  • Hijacking, Mugging, Piracy and Wrongful Detention - Up to £2,500
  • Personal Accident - Up to £15,000
  • PTSD Assessment/Counselling Following a Covered Hostile Event - Up to £25,000
High Risk Voyager Travel Insurance

High Risk Voyager Travel Insurance offers both Single Trip and Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance cover so when you do take that trip, you’re safe in the knowledge that High Risk Voyager Travel Insurance have got you covered.

Cover is available for both Business and Leisure trips so whether you’re going on a trip for work or are simply planning a holiday to a more perilous location.

In a business context, High Risk Voyager is specifically designed for travelling professionals and pioneers such as Journalists, Photographers, Film Makers, Teachers, Charity Workers, Aid workers, Interpreters, Volunteers, Students and Engineers (often in the Oil, Gas and Mining industry).

High Risk Voyager Travel Insurance has been designed specifically for people travelling to hostile and remote environments such as war zones or disaster relief zones and therefore we understand that having emergency medical evacuation insurance on your travel policy is paramount.

With up to £1,000,000 cover limit for emergency medical evacuation coverage, you can rest assured that should the unexpected happen during your trip, your High Risk Voyager travel insurance policy can give you the peace of mind that is needed when travelling to high risk and front line locations.

Policy Summary:

  • Cover for High Risk Destinations
  • Cover for Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) advised against countries
  • 24/7 Emergency Assistance and Emergency Medical Assistance
  • Choice of 2 levels of Travel Medical Cover
  • Single Trips up to 365 Days in Duration
  • Includes participation in Winter Sports and over 100+ leisure activities
  • Available in £GBP, USD$ and Euros €
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