What are the Different Types of Travel Insurance Policy?

Posted in General on 4 July 2014

At Voyager Insurance Services our travel insurance has three different types of cover. Each has its own strengths and is suited to a different type of traveller or holiday. We have produced a simple guide to help you purchase the cover that is appropriate for you and your trip, ensuring you get the most value for money.

All Voyager polices have the same great benefits:

  • 24hr emergency assistance helpline
  • £10 million Medical Expenses
  • £5,000 Cancellation cover
  • £2,000 Baggage
  • £3,000 Holiday Financial Protection

Short Stay Travel Insurance

This type of travel insurance, also known as single trip, is designed to provide cover for a single specific holiday. Therefore if you are only planning on travelling once this year then this should be the policy you need.

Our short stay insurance will provide you with cover for a single trip of up to 45 days (or 23 days if aged 75+ and travelling outside Europe), if you are travelling for a longer period of time you will need to purchase our long stay policy to cover your trip.

As this type of travel insurance only covers one trip we can provide cover for travellers up to the age of 84 for journeys within Europe and up to 74 if you are travelling outside of Europe. For short stay policies this age limit applies at the date of your departure.

If your particular holiday is to go skiing or snowboarding you will need to pay an additional premium for wintersports cover.

For more information on our short stay policy: Click Here

Annual Multi-trip Travel Insurance

If you plan to travel abroad twice or more a year, an annual multi-trip may be a better policy for you to purchase. With annual multi-trip travel insurance you pay a one-off premium and you will be covered for any trips that you take during the 12 month period.

Annual Multi-trip insurance is available to travellers up to 74 years of age. More mature travellers should look to purchase a policy on a single trip basis. The maximum duration is 45 days for any one trip or 23 days if aged 70 and over.

Another benefit of the Voyager Annual policy is that 21 days winter sports cover is included as standard, so if one of your holidays within the year is skiing or snowboarding, you don’t have to pay any extra to have cover.

If you buy a couple or a family policy, everyone named on the policy is covered to travel separately for example if your children are going on a school trip or a quiet weekend away for the parents.

For more information annual multi-trip policy: Click Here

Long Stay Single Trip Travel Insurance

If you are planning a longer journey abroad, perhaps backpacking or a gap year, the long stay policy may be more suitable for you. The long stay policy will provide you with travel cover for up to 18 months.

Due to the long duration nature of this policy the maximum age we can cover is 64 at the date of departure.

The policy is priced based on the area where you are spending more than 50% of your time, for instance you are going to Australia for a year but are spending a week in the USA on the return leg of your journey, you pay the premium for Australia.

The policy allows for you to return home for visits, such as at Christmas, for 14 days, during which time cover is suspended.

For more information on our Long stay insurance Click Here


Many sports and activities can be covered under the Voyager Travel Insurance policy. Some activities may require an additional premium to be covered, click here to see which activities are covered in our FAQs.

Please Note: Under the Long Stay policy Action or Action Plus activities will need to be referred to Voyager on 01483 562 662 to see if cover can be arranged on an individual case by case basis.

Winter sports, such as skiing and snowboarding are covered separately with the winter sports extension available for Short Stay and Long Stay travel insurance for an additional premium.

For more information call the Voyager office on 01483 562 662.

All our policies are available online from www.VoyagerTravelInsurance.co.uk

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