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Vaccine Passports - What do I need to know before I Travel?

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With the news that Vaccine Passports are set to become a permanent fixture for travel for the foreseeable future, what does this mean for those that have booked or are planning a trip overseas over the coming months and what exactly is a “Vaccine Passport”?

While many countries have confirmed that any tourist will need to be double vaccinated, show proof of a negative PCR test before entry or both, it's confusing for holidaymakers to understand what proof is actually sufficient for travel and why proof of vaccination is required. That's why Voyager Plus Travel Insurance answers your burning questions with regards to the Vaccine Passport programme.

What is a Vaccine Passport and where do I get one?

A Vaccine Passport is a certificate which allows travellers to prove they are fully vaccinated against Covid-19. Many holiday destinations will require to see this upon entry to the country. There are two ways travellers can gain access to their certificate:

  1. If you have received the full course of a vaccine requiring 2 doses, you will see 2 barcodes within the NHS App: one barcode per vaccine. If you print a PDF of the COVID Pass status, the printed copy will show 2 barcodes. The printed copy is valid until its expiry date.
  2. You can request a letter be posted to your home address. This option should only be used if you have been fully vaccinated by the NHS in England and are planning to travel in the next 4 weeks to a country that requires evidence of COVID-19 vaccination. Letters usually take 5 working days to arrive, so it is worth getting this done early to avoid any possible travel delays.

Why do I need a Vaccine Passport?

Many countries are using the Vaccine Passport programme to lower the transmission rate of the different variants of COVID-19.

Information from the UK Government website states that by allowing immunised people to move more freely, Vaccine Passports could speed up the return to normal life and increase economic activity with a reduced risk of virus transmission.

It is argued that services and businesses that are less able to operate under social distancing

measures would also benefit, as would other sectors – such as travel and leisure. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) have also argued that Vaccine Passports could be crucial in reviving the travel and tourism industries.

It is worth noting that should you travel to a destination that requires proof of your vaccination certificate upon arrival or if proof is required prior to leaving the UK and it you are unable to present it, you will no longer be allowed to continue your journey.

Where do I need to show proof of Vaccination?

Whilst it has been explained above where you can obtain your Vaccine Passport and why it is needed, before travelling it is worth not only reading up on entry requirements to the destination you intend to visit but also what advice or rules are in place whilst you are there with regards to proof of vaccination.

A number of countries, some parts of North America included, are asking local residents and tourists to show proof of their vaccination status before they will be allowed entry into restaurants, bars, gyms and theatres to name a few. So, before booking any trip, it is worth ensuring that you can not only gain access to the destination you intend to visit but can also take advantage of the activities and amenities too!

Travel Insurance

No matter where in the world you decided to travel, it’s important not to forget to buy a suitable and extensive travel insurance policy such as Voyager Plus from Voyager Insurance.

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