What vehicles are covered by Voyager to Europe?

Posted in General on 22 July 2011

With the school holidays upon us many families are taking the opportunity to go on holiday with their car to the euro zone. European Breakdown cover can provide you with cover in the event of a breakdown or accident while you are away allowing you to continue your journey.

Obviously cars are covered by our European breakdown cover, but what other vehicles can be covered under the Voyager to Europe policy?

All vehicles under the policy must meet the following basic requirements of the Voyager to Europe, European breakdown policy:

  • Vehicle must be privately registered in the UK and be under 10 years old (vehicles under 15 years old can be covered on a single trip basis with the payment of an additional premium)
  • Serviced, maintained and operated as recommended by the manufacturer
  • Have a valid MOT certificate
  • Have a legal spare wheel and tyre or equivalent emergency arrangement as specified by the manufacturer

If you have a motor-home or motorised caravan you will also be able to take out the policy, providing it meets all the usual requirements and that it fits within the following dimensions: 8 metres in length, 2.25 metres in width and 3 metres high. The maximum weight of the vehicle can be no more than 3,500 kilograms. These are the maximum dimensions and weight that our recovery agents in Europe are able to recover to a garage should you need emergency assistance on your trip.

Similarly, if you are taking a caravan or trailer abroad and require breakdown cover in Europe providing you take the extension to cover trailers and caravans and that the total length of vehicle and the caravan/trailer fit into the dimensions above then they will be covered.

Hire vehicles are covered by the policy, providing you have the hirer’s permission to take the vehicle abroad and it meets the standard requirements of the policy. If you want to protect yourself from any excesses that may be applied by the hire company in the event of damage to the vehicle then it may also be worth you taking out Voyager’s Hire Car Excess insurance.

Author: Adam

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