Voyager Plus 2022 - What's changing?

Posted in General Travel Travel Insurance, Renewal on 1 July 2022

We are making some changes to Voyager Plus and we wanted to let you know what these are going to be. These changes will be coming into effect from July 1st and include the following areas:

Price Reduction

The main benefit that you will receive from these changes is a reduction in the price of policies. We are achieving this by ensuring you are only paying for the cover that you truly need and are therefore choosing a policy that’s right for you and your requirements.

You can therefore expect to see an average price reduction of 10% on Annual Multi-Trip policies and 5% on Single Trip policies!

A brand-new level of cover - 'Enhanced'

New in 2022 to Voyager Plus is an additional level of cover. This new level of cover will be known as Enhanced and will sit between Standard and Prime. This will predominantly benefit customers who previously had to purchase a prime level policy even when the cover levels they received exceeded the level of cover they required and therefore this new level of cover may suit them better. For example, if previously you required £2000 cancellation cover for your trip, then you would need to buy a Prime level Voyager Plus policy which would have provided you with £5000 cancellation cover for your trip, however, with our new Enhanced level of cover, you could get £2500 cancellation cover which would be better suited to your needs and requirements!

Our aim is to offer you policies that are better tailored to your needs and requirements and by implementing this new level of cover we hope to do that better than we have been able to do so previously.

'Black' level policy has been renamed - 'Supreme'

If you previously bought a ‘Black’ level policy, then you may be surprised that we no longer provide a ‘Black’ level policy… what you will be glad to hear is that we have just renamed it to better sit in line with our other policy levels. From July 1st, 2022, our highest level of policy will be called ‘Supreme’ and will provide similar levels of cover as the ‘Black’ policy (Please see schedule of benefits for full details).

Winter Sports and Cruise cover are now options on Annual Multi-Trips

Annual Multi-Trip customers will need to be aware that cover for Winter Sports and Cruises are no longer included as standard on new Annual Multi-Trip policies. Listening to customer feedback showed that most customers do not require cover for both Winter Sports and Cruises within the year and so instead of including them as standard they will now be available as policy options. This will reduce the cost of an Annual Multi-Trip policy for the vast majority of customers and for those who do require Winter Sports and Cruise cover on their Annual Multi-Trip policy, they will be able to add one or both to their policy.

Cruise cover no longer standard on any policy

Voyager Plus policies used to include Cruise cover as standard on all policy types whilst also offering a Cruise Plus cover extension which provided further levels of cover specific to that required when going on a cruise. However, this caused confusion for some customers who were not sure what they were and were not covered for. As such, Cruise cover is now only available as an optional extra which you can add to your policy should you be going on a cruise.

Get Covered with Voyager Plus Travel Insurance

Voyager Plus Travel Insurance policies include cover for the following:

  • COVID cover included for Cancellation and Emergency Medical Expenses
  • Emergency Medical Expenses up to £10,000,000
  • Cancellation or Curtailment up to £10,000
  • Baggage up to £3,500
  • Missed Departure / Journey Disruption up to £1,000
  • Personal Liability up to 3,000,000
  • And much more.

You can get a Voyager Plus Travel Insurance quote by clicking the “ Get A Quote” button on our website or by calling our helpful team on 01483 806 680.

This article is for information and entertainment purposes only. It does not constitute advice in any way. The information provided here is correct at the time of writing however please check the latest policy wording here for the latest policy terms, conditions and exclusions.

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