Travel Insurance for Medical Conditions and your Family

Posted in General on 21 July 2011

If you have a pre existing medical condition getting travel insurance to cover your particular medical conditions can prove tricky. Some cheap travel insurance policies available online or those travel insurance policies that are bundled with other services, such as bank accounts, may not provide cover for any pre existing medical conditions your may have. This is why Able2Travel was created: to provide good quality travel insurance for people with medical conditions.

If you are going abroad with your spouse and dependent children they will need to be on the same travel insurance policy as you even if they do not have a pre-existing medical condition.

The reason for this is if you needed to make a claim against your travel insurance policy for cancellation due to your medical condition then in order for your family to claim for the cancellation of their share of the holiday they would need to be on the policy that takes into account your specific medical circumstances.

At Able2Travel we believe that it is better to talk to a person when medical conditions need to be covered on a travel insurance policy to ensure the right cover for an illness or condition, rather than just buying a standard travel insurance policy over the internet.

For a quote from one of our specialist team please call: 0845 839 9345 or visit Able2Travel and request a call back.

Author: Adam

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