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Posted in General on 8 November 2011

With the white stuff starting to fall in Europe, hopefully we will have a good year of snow for this year’s ski season.

However, don’t assume that because you have travel insurance that you will be automatically covered for skiing or snowboarding.

Not having the appropriate cover while skiing or snowboarding will mean that if you are unfortunate enough to be injured while on the piste you will not be able to claim the costs of any emergency medical treatment you may need. Your travel insurance policy should show whether you have wintersports cover or not.

Fortunately, Voyager Insurance Services offers a range of options for ski travel insurance. If you have one of our annual multi-trip policies then you will automatically have 21 days wintersports cover as standard. If you have a couple or family policy then this will extend to all the people on the policy, even if they travel independently.

If you are only planning on going on one holiday this year and it’s skiing then you may prefer to purchase a single trip policy. You will need to add the wintersports extension during the buying process, but you will have cover for the entire duration of your trip. The maximum age of ski cover is 74 years old.

With a long stay policy you will need to decide how long you are going to need the ski cover for. If you think you need cover for less than 32 days during your entire trip you can take the incidental wintersports cover. However if you need cover for the entire period of your insurance policy you will need the unlimited cover.

Our long stay policy will cover you if you are working in a chalet or bar for the ski season. However, it will exclude claims for public liability and personal accident elements of cover as your employer should have these.

We can potentially cover you if you are doing a ski instructors course on a case by case basis, please call Voyager Insurance Services on 01483 562 662 for more details.

If you are planning on driving across to Europe with your own vehicle then you may also want to think about taking European breakdown cover in case you have an accident or breakdown. We reported on the mandatory equipment needed in your car in a previous news story, here.

Similarly, if you are hiring a car while on your skiing trip you may also want to consider purchasing a hire car excess policy. This will cover the cost of a hire car company’s excess should you damage the car or accidentally put the wrong type of fuel in the car.

Author: Adam

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