Nearly 40% go abroad without European Breakdown Cover

Posted in General on 11 September 2012

While we often report on the fact that nearly one in 10 people go abroad with out any travel insurance we don’t often report on the numbers who go to Europe with their car but don’t take out appropriate breakdown cover.

Research by Britannia Rescue, according to the ITIJ, found that nearly 2 in 5 of the 4 million people who take their car to the continent each year were not considering taking out a European Breakdown policy.

Nearly a quarter of those surveyed hadn’t even considered that breaking down in Europe was a possibility and 7% wrongly assumed that their UK breakdown cover would cover them while they are abroad. Our own research show that many people also do not understand that they need to buy a policy that covers their entire trip, not just the outbound or inbound journeys.

Each year half a million drivers a year experience a breakdown of some sort while on holiday in Europe and while any breakdown is stressful, breaking down in another country where you may not speak the language could be even more so if you don’t have the appropriate cover.

Depending on where a vehicle is in Europe, just the repatriation of your car or motorbike to the UK could cost in excess of £3,000 which is a very good reason why you should consider taking out a European Breakdown Cover policy for your trip abroad.

Voyager European Breakdown Cover can provide protection for vehicles up to 10 years old on an Annual multi-trip basis and up to 15 years old on a single trip basis. We are able to cover private vehicles up to 8 meters in length, 3 meters in height and 2.3 meters in width; if you are towing a caravan or trailer this can be covered with the payment of an additional premium. We are also able to cover motorbikes under this policy.

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