Most travellers choose price over protection

Posted in General on 23 December 2010

According to the International Travel Insurance Journal, a study by has found that nearly 3 out 4 travellers choose the cheapest travel insurance for their holiday rather than the policy that suits their needs best.

The research shows that 72% of travellers do not understand what they are covered for when they are buying travel insurance online.

Their managing director states the advent of comparison sites and search engines has changed the way that people shop for financial products, speeding up the process and pushing down prices. However he also highlighted the fact that:

'Our survey shows that increasingly people are not fully aware of the details of the cheaper products they are buying and are dangerously unaware of the level of cover offered by these policies. The very nature of cheaper insurance is that it does not offer as comprehensive cover as the most expensive options. Therefore travellers need to be fully aware of the details of their policy and exactly what it covers them for before they purchase it'

In Voyager’s experience, many people do not really understand what they are covered for until they try to make a claim, at which point it is too late. We would always recommend that that customer reads the policy wording carefully and contacts whoever provides the policy if they have any questions, ideally prior to purchasing the policy. This will help ensure that the cover suits their needs.

Voyager Travel Insurance offers customers a high level of cover at affordable prices, with features and benefits that are often not found in cheaper policies such as: holiday financial protection, missed departure (including journey disruption) cover, delayed departure benefit and abandonment. While all these features create an additional cost, they provide a wider range of useful cover, giving the customer more protection.

Jonathan Buttery, managing director of Voyager Insurance Services Ltd makes the point: 'Travel insurance is similar to many other products in that 'you get what you pay for', high quality products, such as Voyager travel insurance, may cost slightly more but generally provide far superior levels of protection for the traveller. In some cases buying a cheaper policy may prove a false economy if something goes wrong during your trip'.

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Author: Adam

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