Increased Voyager Travel Insurance cash limit for Greece

Posted in General on 22 July 2015

After 3 weeks of closure, Greek banks reopened this morning. However, cash withdrawal limits still remain in place.

As a result, holidaymakers travelling to Greece are advised by the UK Government to take increased levels of cash with them abroad. Voyager understands the risks and concerns that come with carrying high amounts of cash around, so we are temporarily doubling the amount of cash covered for those travelling to Greece under our Travel Insurance policy with immediate effect."

“As Travel Insurance providers, it is our job to make sure we can accommodate our customers to the best of our ability and provide true peace of mind”, says Carl Carter, Director, Voyager Insurance Services. “As a result, we are pleased to announce that we are temporarily doubling our cash limit to £500 with immediate effect.

“The situation is fluid and as such we will be reviewing the position on a regular basis and will provide further updates as necessary, however this extension will apply to all Insureds who had their cover issued from 1st December 2014, and are travelling to Greece in the next month up until 8th August 2015.”

This position will be reviewed weekly and so please visit the website for the latest advice.

Increased cash limits

  • For 2015 adult policy holders only, who were issued the policy from the 1st December 2014.
  • For insured adults travelling to Greece between now and up to 08/08/15
  • Limits shown in your policy wording are per Insured Adult and the cash limit is doubled up to a revised maximum cash limit of £500 per Insured Adult
  • Travellers should note that all other terms and conditions will apply.

People should take all the usual precautions when travelling; never leave cash, handbags or wallets on display or unattended to minimise the risk of theft. Don't carry all your cash with you, just take what you need for the day and leave the rest in a locked safe in your hotel.

For official updates and advice regarding travelling to Greece, click here to view the Foreign Commonwealth Office travel information.

A full Voyager Travel Insurance policy can be arranged online 24/7. To get a quote and read the policy wording, click here or call 01483 562 662.

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