Improvements to Voyager's Hire Car Excess Insurance

Posted in General on 4 January 2012

We have made a few changes to our hire car excess insurance, also known as excess reimbursement insurance.

Previously is was necessary to purchase an extension to the policy in order to be covered for car rentals in your home country but this is now included in the standard policy, giving you even better value for money.

With our car hire excess insurance you are covered up to £2,000 reimbursement for any excess you are liable to pay per claim and £3,000 per rental agreement.

With Voyager Hire Car Excess insurance you are also covered to claim back your excess due to the following eventualities:

  • Cover for Damage to tyres, glass and underbody of the vehicle included – this is often excluded by rental company’s own excess waiver policies
  • Car Rental Key Cover - £500 cover if the key is lost or stolen, including replacement locks
  • Misfueling Cover - £500 cover if you accidentally put the wrong type of fuel in the vehicle, including cleaning the engine & fuel system and associated towing costs
  • Towing Costs Cover - £500 for any towing or recovery costs following an accident or breakdown involving the rental vehicle

These features make Voyager Hire Car Excess Insurance a great idea if you are renting a vehicle when going on holiday or if you need to rent a car in the UK, to protect you from the high excesses that some car hire companies may charge you in the event of loss or damage to the vehicle.

As we have reported before in the ‘Is my Hire Car Excess Policy Valid?’ news story, some car hire companies try to suggest that a 3rd party excess policy will not be valid for their excesses but this is not the case. In the event that something does happen to the rental car and you have to pay an excess, you will simply claim this amount back from the Voyager Hire Car Excess policy when you return home, so you will not be left out of pocket.

1 week’s cover for vehicle rentals in Europe costs under £20 and is available here.

Author: Adam

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