France makes it law to carry a breath test kit

Posted in General on 21 March 2012

Several months ago we gave a guide to some of the things that it was legal requirement to carry while driving in European countries.

France has introduced a new law that may catch out many UK holiday makers. After July 1st 2012 it will be a legal requirement to carry a single-use alcohol breathalyser test kit in any motor vehicle at all times; this law includes rental vehicles. While some rental organisations have stated that their vehicles will be equipped with breathalyser kits to meet the new legal requirements, others have not made clear their position, so check BEFORE you start driving in France!

Failure to carry a breathalyser kit will carry a fine of 11 euros, whether or not the French police will be lenient in the initial period of the new law remains to be seen and we would recommend that all travellers driving through equip themselves as soon as possible.

It has been introduced by the French government as part of its attempts to reduce the number of car accidents. In 2011 almost 4,000 people died on French roads and it is believed that drink driving was responsible for 1 in 3 of these.

More information is available, in French, on the website of the government road safety agency, Sécurité Routière.

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Author: Adam

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