Do I need Public Liability Cover?

Posted in General on 24 January 2012

The public liability aspect of wedding insurance has increased in popularity amongst couples getting married over the last few years. Basically this section of the wedding insurance policy provides cover if you are sued for accidental injury to a 3rd party, such as a member of staff at the venue or accidental damage to 3rd party property.

Please note: the liability of damage to 3rd party property is designed for more expensive items rather than items such as glasses or crockery; these are likely to be covered by the venue’s own contents cover.

As the Bride/Groom do I need to pay to have for Public Liability Cover?

Under the Dreamsaver wedding insurance policy the Bride and Groom automatically have £2m of liability cover as standard.

Are my guests covered?

Your guests are not automatically covered under the standard policy; however, you can include cover for guests attending your wedding, by adding the public liability cover for guest’s option and paying the additional premium, when buying the policy. This will provide your guests with £2m of public liability cover.

What if my venue requires more than £2m public liability cover?

While £2m public liability cover is usually enough for most venues, some venues such as those owned by the National Trust may require a higher level of liability cover. For this eventuality there is another extension available on the Dreamsaver policy to increase the public liability limit to £5m. Your venue should inform you if this level of cover is necessary for your wedding.

Will the Band/DJ playing at the reception be covered?

The Dreamsaver wedding insurance policy does not cover the liability of bands, DJs and other entertainers performing at your wedding. If guests of yours at the wedding are providing the entertainment, they will not be covered while performing in a professional or amateur capacity even if you have taken out the optional extension to cover your guests.

Professionals should have their own liability cover while performing at your wedding, after all if you went to see Beyonce at the O2 arena and she accidentally damaged something in her dressing room, you wouldn’t expect her to ask you to claim on your liability cover!

Is there Public Liability Cover for weddings abroad?

For weddings abroad, the Bride and Groom will have public liability cover outside the UK, except if the wedding in taking place in the USA or Canada.

Unfortunately, the extension to cover guests in not available for any weddings taking place outside the UK.

Author: Adam

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