Already Departed Travel Insurance – What you need to know.

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At Voyager Plus Travel Insurance, we can provide a special type of Travel Insurance policy called “Already Departed Cover”. However, many people are unaware of what Already Departed Cover is or they don’t know when they would need to buy it.

When you booked your trip, the first thing on your mind may not be purchasing trip cover in case you have to come home early, or even emergency medical cover for when you are on your trip. The chances are, after booking your trip you were filled with excitement and couldn’t wait for your holiday to roll around. In and amongst planning and packing for your trip, it is easy to forget things, including buying a suitable Travel Insurance policy.

If you find yourself at the airport without having travel cover in place, then Already Departed Travel Insurance is fortunately available as an option for you.

What is Already Departed Cover?

Already Departed Travel Insurance is essentially Travel Insurance for when you’re already on your holiday. Whether you forgot to buy a Travel Insurance policy before leaving, realised your existing policy expired whilst on your trip or another reason why you forgot to get travel cover, Already Departed Travel Insurance is designed for you.

Purchasing Travel Insurance while abroad can be especially tricky as most standard policies require you to have bought them prior to travelling. Therefore, it can be difficult to find an insurer that will allow you to buy a Travel Insurance policy once you’ve already reached your destination.

Voyager Plus Already Departed cover provides a solution for this, allowing you to purchase a policy even though you may be on the other side of the globe to your country of residence.

When Would I Need Already Departed Insurance?

You might be surprised to find out that when it comes to Travel Insurance, the start of your trip is deemed to be as soon as you have left home. Many people don’t believe they have ‘departed’ on their trip until the plane has at least taken off, but from an insurance point of view, this is not the case. This means that even if you are planning to buy a Travel Insurance policy at the airport, you would need to find an appropriate Already Departed Travel Insurance policy.

Another possibility is, if you find yourself having to buy Travel Insurance when already abroad, again you would need to find a Travel Insurance policy that offers cover even though your trip has begun. This might not necessarily be because you have forgotten to get insurance before travelling, rather that you have extended your trip beyond your originally planned departure date. Nevertheless, you would still require Already Departed cover for the remainder of your trip.

Are there any restrictions in place for Already Departed Cover?

When considering Already Departed Travel Insurance, it is essential to understand the specific terms and conditions of the policy in case there are any restrictions. Some insurance providers may have certain limitations, such as a waiting period before coverage becomes effective or restrictions on pre-existing medical conditions.

It is crucial that you carefully review the policy details, coverage limits, and any exclusions to ensure the policy has adequate protection for your specific needs. Reading the policy documentation thoroughly and consulting with the insurance provider can help you to make informed decisions and understand exactly what cover is being provided.

When specifically relating to Voyager Plus’s Already departed cover, due to the nature of the policy and the fact you are able to buy this after your trip has begun, there is no cover for Cancellation included due to the fact your trip will have already begun when you purchase your policy. There is, however, cover for Curtailment if you find yourself in a position where you have to end your trip early for an insured reason.

Furthermore, Voyager Plus Already Departed policies are unable to provide cover for ANY pre-existing medical conditions as medical screening is not available on an already departed basis.

When taking out cover, your policy must begin the day immediately following the day of purchase. Cover must also be arranged for the remaining period of your trip so long as this does not exceed the maximum duration allowed on a Voyager Plus policy (Please see policy wording for full details).

Whilst a standard Voyager Plus policy includes a 14 day ‘cooling off period’ for cancelling your policy, the same does not apply to Already Departed policies, simply because the policy coverage will start so soon after purchase.

Lastly, there is a 14-day waiting period before medical expenses cover commences in respect of illness.

Voyager Plus Already Departed Cover

If you are already abroad, Travel Insurance with Voyager Plus could be the right way to go for you. Our Already Departed Cover is available on both Single Trip and Long Stay policies and provides up to £10,000 Curtailment cover should you need to end your trip early, up to £10 million Emergency Medical Expenses (including repatriation) in case you need emergency medical treatment outside of your home country, and up to £3,500 Baggage cover should you be in the unfortunate position where your luggage is lost or stolen.

Included in your Already Departed policy is also cover for travel disruption, personal accident, legal expenses, and more. Plus, you can tailor your policy to your individual needs with our optional extras, including gadget cover, winter sports cover, and more.

To get Already Departed Holiday Insurance with Voyager Plus, click the ‘Get a Quote’ button below.

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While Already Departed Travel Insurance can provide valuable coverage during your trip, it is important to note that it may not offer the same benefits as Travel Insurance policies taken out prior to departure. Therefore, it is generally a better idea to purchase Travel Insurance before your trip whenever possible to ensure you have the widest range of coverage options available.

In conclusion, Already Departed Travel Insurance is an extremely useful option for individuals who find themselves without Travel Insurance coverage after starting their trip. It offers a safety net for unexpected events and emergencies where previously there wouldn’t have been one, providing you with peace of mind while you explore your destination.

As always, please make sure that you carefully review the policy details and understand what protection your Travel Insurance provides before purchasing the policy.

This article is for information and entertainment purposes only. It does not constitute advice in any way. The information provided here is correct at the time of writing however please check the latest policy wording for the latest terms, conditions, and exclusions.

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