Adverse weather cover not just for winter!

Posted in General on 16 July 2012

Many people take out Dreamsaver wedding insurance policies to protect themselves financially if they have to cancel or rearrange their wedding due to adverse weather during the winter months, however, with the Great British summertime being what it is, it may serve couples well to consider this aspect in order to protect their summer weddings too!

Recent weather has seen record-breaking amounts of rainfall across the UK bringing with it an increased threat of flooding. If you are unfortunate enough for your ceremony or reception venue to be flooded then you would be covered to cancel or rearrange your wedding under section 1 of the policy regarding damage to the venue.

The Dreamsaver wedding insurance policy also provides cover for cancellation or rearrangement of the wedding in the event the couple and the majority of their guests are unable to reach the venue due to adverse weather.

With regard to overseas weddings, the same elements would apply; however, your booked arrival date in the country you are getting married in must be no later than 5 days prior to the ceremony taking place. Wedding insurance does not cover any flights that are cancelled or accommodation costs; this should be covered by your travel insurance policy.

It is worth noting that weather-related cover does not come into force until 14 days after the policy has been taken out, so it is worth insuring your wedding in good time. Our policy can be taken out up to 24 months before the ceremony date, so there is no reason not to protect your wedding as soon as you start paying deposits. Deposits that are paid prior to taking out a Dreamsaver policy are automatically covered, providing you are unaware of any reason for them to give rise to a claim and 14 days have passed after buying the policy.

Prices start from £25 for the Silver policy with £6,000 of cancellation cover. We can insure weddings up the value of £50,000.All policies are available to purchase online through

Author: Adam

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