Wedding Cover Option

Whether you’re planning a big wedding abroad with all of you friends and family in attendance or just jetting off for a quiet wedding with a few witnesses, it is a good idea to protect your special day and these wedding related extras that you may be taking with you.

Voyager Plus Wedding Travel Insurance provides cover for the essential parts of the big day.

So, if your wedding attire goes missing in transit, the best man loses the rings, the gifts are nowhere to be found or the photographer falls ill and doesn’t turn up, then you can rest assured that you have some financial protection giving you the peace of mind to focus on saying those two little words.

What Does Overseas Wedding Travel Insurance Cover?

Baggage cover is covered as standard and is extended under the Wedding Insurance option to include the sections of cover explained in more detail below. However, you should always refer to the Voyager Plus Wedding Travel Insurance policy wording for full cover limits, terms, conditions and exclusions.

Policy Options Benefits Schedule £/€

Level of Cover

Level of Cover

Level of Cover

Section of Cover







Section 26. Wedding Insurance            
26.1 Ceremonial Attire 1,500 75 1,500 50 1,500 50
26.2 Wedding Gifts 1,000 75 1,000 50 1,000 50
26.3 Wedding Rings 250 75 250 50 250 50
26.4 Photographs and Video Recordings 750 75 750 50 750 50


Wedding Attire Cover

For the loss, theft or damage to your wedding attire in respect to the cost of repair or replacement.

Wedding Gifts

For the lost, theft or damage to your wedding gifts taken on, sent up to 7 days in advance or bought during your trip.

Wedding Rings

For the loss theft or damage to one or both wedding rings sent in advance or bought during your trip.

Wedding Photographs or Video Recordings

For costs of reproducing the photographs or retake video recordings if the photographer can’t make the wedding due to illness, injury or transport problems. There is also cover if the professional photographs are lost, damaged or destroyed.

Can Wedding Travel Insurance Cover Guests?

If you are travelling abroad for you wedding with your family (family means two adults, or 1 adult for a single parent family, and all of their children including foster children under 17 or 20 if in full time education), we can provide cover for them on the same policy. Just select the relevant group option and add all traveller details on the ‘Your Details’ page when getting a quote.

How Do I Get a Travel Insurance with Wedding Cover Quote?

It’s quick and easy to get a quote for travel insurance for weddings abroad with optional wedding insurance. Simply click the get a quote button and don’t forget to select the wedding insurance option on the 'Your Quote' page to add it to your policy.

Please Note. Wedding Insurance is available on all policy types - Short Stay, Long Stay and Annual Multi-Trip. Just remember to select the Wedding Insurance Option on the ‘Your Quote’ page when getting a quote to include it on your policy.