Business Plus Insurance Option

Add optional Business Plus travel insurance Cover to your Voyager Plus Travel insurance to get up to £1,000 business equipment cover, up to £500 business equipment delay, up to £1,000 business money cover, staff replacement cover, extended personal accident cover and baggage delay cover.

When travelling for business, you need to choose the best travel insurance for your business trip needs. The last thing you want is to put yourself or your business out of pocket in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as the loss or theft of your business equipment that could be vital for your overseas business proceedings.

That’s where our “Business Plus” travel insurance option can help you, protecting your and your business’s pocket against disaster!

What is covered under Voyager Plus Business Travel Insurance?

Our Business Plus Travel Insurance option can be applied to both Voyager Plus Travel Insurance single trip policies and our Annual multi-trip policies, so should this be a one-off business trip, or a regular occurrence, we have the additional business travel insurance cover appropriate for your needs.

Policy Options Benefits Schedule £/€

Level of Cover

Level of Cover

Level of Cover

Section of Cover







Section 23. Business Plus Insurance            
23.1 Business Equipment 1,000 75 1,000 50 1,000 25
23.2 Business Equipment Hire/Delay 500(50) Nil 500(50) Nil 500(50) Nil
23.3 Business Money 1,000 75 1,000 50 1,000 25
23.4 Staff Replacement Costs 2,500 75 2,500 50 2,500 25
23.5 Extra Personal Accident 10,000 Nil 25,000 Nil 35,000 Nil
23.6 Extra Baggage Delay (after 12 hours) 100 Nil 100 Nil 100 Nil

- after 24 hours







The table above is only a summary of cover. The sections of “business plus insurance” are explained in more detail below however, you should always refer to the policy wording for full business travel insurance business plus insurance terms, conditions and exclusions.

Do I need a Business extension for my Travel Insurance?

While business trips are covered as standard under a Voyager Plus Travel Insurance policy, if you’re travelling for business it’s a good idea to purchase specific business trip travel insurance cover that goes beyond the basic cover because, should something happen to your business equipment, not only could you end up out of pocket, but so could your business, and your business proceedings abroad could be put at a standstill.

For a relatively small amount, you can add additional business trip focused cover to your Voyager Plus Travel Insurance Policy. Our Business Plus Insurance option can protect your bank account and your business should a number of things go wrong while you’re abroad, and help you recover from mishaps abroad as fast as possible on your trip.

Be the manager of your own life and get the business plus travel insurance option today.

Business Plus Insurance Option Explained
Business Equipment

This section covers your business equipment against loss, damage, theft, or destruction, offering you up to £1,000 total for the value of the equipment or necessary repair whilst abroad.

This means you don’t need to worry about hefty repairs or replacement costs should something happen to your business equipment during a trip.

Business Equipment Hire/ Delay

Similarly, if your business equipment is lost, stolen, damaged, destroyed, misdirected or delayed in transit for more than 12 hours during a trip, we can cover you for the cost of equipment hire per 24 hours that you’re without it.

Business Money

You are also covered for the loss or theft of business money during your trip, up to £1,000, so you don’t need to stress about carrying big quantities of business money with you if necessary.

Staff Replacement Costs

You are also covered for up to £2,500 for necessary additional return travel and accommodation for the purpose of completing business left unfinished due to your own medical repatriation, or the death or injury of a relative or business associate at home.

Extra Personal Accident

We offer up to an additional £35,000 extra personal accident cover under this policy option. For example, in case you suffer an accident where you lose a limb or suffer a Permanent Total Disablement while on a business trip.

Extra Baggage Delay

We also extend our baggage delay amounts for you to buy essential business items in the event of your baggage being delayed on your outward journey for more than 12 hours.


How do I Get a Quote for Travel Insurance Business Plus Cover?

It is quick and easy to get a quote for travel insurance with the business plus insurance cover option. Simply click the get a quote button on our Travel Insurance page then select the Business Plus Insurance cover option on the 'Your Details' page to add it to your Voyager Plus Travel Insurance policy.

Please Note. Your Voyager Plus Travel Insurance covers routine business trips as standard, but you can also arrange additional Business Trip specific cover. Optional business plus travel insurance cover is available on all policy types – Short Stay, Long Stay and Annual Multi-Trip policies. Remember to add it to your policy by selecting the Business Plus Insurance option on the ‘Your Quote’ page when getting a quote.