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Posted in General on 12 June 2014

Voyager’s Party Insurance provides cover for non-commercial, non-ticketed private parties or private functions at a hired venue. The policy will cover multiple elements of your private event, including; liability, cancellation and rearrangement, gifts, cakes, photography and video, legal expenses, financial failure of service suppliers and optional extension for marquee and mobile WC unit.

Here we answer your questions about public liability and the insurance options that are available with Voyager:

My venue has asked for public liability cover – what is it?

Hired party venues may require that you provide proof that liability cover has been arranged for your private event. This is to make sure that suitable insurance is in place in case you, as the party organisers, are found legally responsible (liable) for accidental injury to third parties or accidental loss of or accidental damage to damage to third party property.

Does Voyager’s Party Insurance policy provide public liability cover?

Yes, our policy includes £2,000,000 (£2 million) public liability cover for the party organisers in case you are held legally responsible for accidental damage caused to the venue during your event.  If you needed to make a claim there is an excess of £250. This cover is included in the Insurance policy as standard.

These days, many venues require a cover limit of £5,000,000 (£5 million) and Voyager’s policy offers the option to increase policy cover limits to this amount, subject to payment of the appropriate premium. However, please be aware that the standard level of public liability cover does not provide protection if one of your guests causes damage to the property, nor does it cover any legal liability that arises purely as a result of the contract you have signed, such as becoming responsible for damage caused by one of your guests. Therefore, to cover your guests you may wish to consider adding optional public liability cover – there are 2 optional extensions you can select, described below.

What about liability cover for my guests?

Voyager offers Optional Public Liability insurance for guests, which provides cover up to £2,000,000 for all guests you invite to your private party. This provides insurance cover in the event you or your guests are held legally liable for accidental injury to third parties or accidental loss or damage to third party property, such as the event venue.  

How much does it cost to add Optional Public Liability extensions to the policy?

There are 2 extensions available to add to your policy with the payment of an additional premium:

Optional Public Liability Extension – this increases the amount of public liability cover for the party organisers from £2,000,000 to £5,000,000, subject to a £250 excess and the general exclusions listed in the policy. As of 1st June 2014 the premium is: £54.00.

Optional Public Liability Extension for the Guests – this provides £2,000,000 in public liability cover for the guests you invite to your private party or non-ticketed event, subject to a £250 excess and the general exclusions listed in the policy. As of 1st June 2014 the premium is: £22.50.

Both of these extensions can be added to your policy, simply select the Optional Public Liability extension options during your online purchase 

Will our photographer have liability cover through Voyager’s Party Insurance policy?

Your photographer, paid musicians, catering, videographer or other paid service provider, plus the venue itself, would not be covered by your policy because they should have their own liability cover in place.

Will Optional Public Liability extension provide cover for things like broken glassware?

No. The Optional Public Liability extension is not designed for small incidental damage such as broken glassware as this should be covered by the venue if they are supplying the items. The policy is designed for bigger incidents in which you may be held legally liable, such as for damage to property at the venue you have hired.

Where can I read the details of the policy?

You can view the entire policy wording as a PDF by clicking HERE >

If you would like to purchase a party insurance policy today, simply visit and select the level of cover that best meets your needs.  The entire process can be completed online and we are available via live chat and telephone to assist you with any questions during the process 9AM-5:30PM Mon-Fri. 

If you have further you would find helpful for us to include here, please email: or call Voyager Insurance Services on 01483-562-662.

Get your party plans started with the reassurance of knowing you’re covered. Click here to get a quote online or call us on 01483 562 662 to learn more and arrange your Party Insurance policy today.

Please note: Party Insurance is for your private function, it is not suitable for street parties or other events to which the general public have access or can buy tickets.

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