Is My Hire Car Excess Policy Valid?

Posted in General on 16 October 2011

We have heard reports of several car hire companies claiming that third party policies that cover a hire car's excess are not valid when renting one of their vehicles.

Voyager Insurance Services would like to reassure customers that this is absolutely not the case when purchasing one of our car hire excess insurance policies.

3rd party car hire excess polices, also known as excess reimbursement insurance policies, operate outside the actual hire car agreement and are therefore nothing to do with the hirer of the vehicle.

If you purchase a Voyager hire car excess insurance policy and are unfortunate enough to have an incident that is covered by the policy, where the hirer charges you an excess, you simply pay the excess to the car hire company and then claim the money back through the excess reimbursement policy.

Jonathan Buttery, director of Voyager Insurance Services stated: ‘Car hirers sometimes put pressure on customers to take out their excess reimbursement policies. These policies are generally very much more expensive than 3rd party alternatives, such as Voyager's ’. He went on to say that: ‘ The best course of action is generally not to mention that you have a 3rd party policy and politely decline the hirer's policy, safe in the knowledge that if you have to pay an excess that's covered by the policy for your hire car you can claim the money back through our policy ’.

The Voyager Hire Car Excess policy is available to cover excesses applicable to a rental vehicle on either a single trip or an annual multi-trip basis, if you plan to go abroad and hire a car several times throughout the year. Cover for hiring cars in the UK can be added to the policy by paying an additional premium.

For more information please see the Voyager Hire Car Excess insurance page.

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